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Parasha: Dracula, November 18th reading

So now we get down to the nitty gritty, finally.

And once more, we're pulling out all the vampire novel stops. The Host (close enough to holy water, with the latter probably being a lot easier to use on undead... or Un-Dead...), "misting" through a small crack in the wall (although I notice she doesn't actually turn to mist, and thus far we've seen the vampires described as motes of light, so I guess that got warped later?), the stake through the heart, the crucifix, the "nosferatu" term, and so on.

For some reason, I was picturing Lucy as blonde. Huh! I wonder why. But here she's definitely described as dark-haired. Maybe they were describing her as "fair" earlier, and just referred to her skin/beauty, and not "fair hair"? Dunno! And the text is a bit dense to go back and try to figure out at this point. :/ Maybe on my next readthrough, if I do it at some point when I still remember this. ;)

Yeah, these guys can consider staking Lucy to be a privilege and all, I think I'd pass, myself. But then I'm a wimp.

And whee, we're collecting all our ducks in a row, so to speak. Enter Mina and Jonathan. Or re-enter. Whatever. But they're all getting together now, yay!

Oh gee, I'm so glad to think that Seward would be all ready to sign Renfield out "after a brief observation," after already seeing how crafty and violent he can be. That'd make me feel so much better, if he were a real live director of an insane asylum near me!

Hah, I like the hints about the almighty thirst raised up by shifting the boxes of earth, which was so bad it was still with them after all this time. ;)

Hum, I guess at this point I'll just have to grudgingly accept all these people's views of Jonathan, that he's so strong and all that, and not a wimp. :p

Man, just what the hell is up with Renfield? Now he's all learned and stuff... I wonder if he's channeling (or partly channeling) the Count? At least some of his disposition seems to be his own, since he's warning Mina and all, but still. Weirdness.

I missed that the Count actually bought the house next to Seward's somehow! I guess I was thinking the boxes of earth were stored nearby temporarily after they got shipped in, or something...Man, I kinda wish I had Mina and Jonathan's little by-date chronological order of things. I'm sure there's one out there somewhere in the web, come to think of it, but my brain is already full enough of Dracula that I don't want to re-stuff it at this point. Maybe later down the road, after we're done.

So Mina has a man's brain eh? How very kind of Van Helsing. Eesh.

"'The milk that is spilt cries not out afterwards,' as you say." Er, something like that.

Oh great, so Dracula's a necromancer too? And interesting... we've only seen him use wolves so far, but he can apparently command any nocturnal creatures. And yes, he can command the weather. Overpowered, much?

Ah, I wondered if the whole "cannot enter a house unless invited in" thing was started here... I wonder then how he got in to attack Mina, when she was lying in bed and saw him as dust? Maybe under her spell at some point she invited him in - before that he seems to have been attacking her at the window.

And interestingly, it seems from what Van Helsing is saying that he can still move about by day, he just doesn't generally have his powers at that point. (At least, what I can gather from his odd English.) And he can cross running water, but only at the ebb or full tide...

We also get mentions of the wild rose (again), and a "sacred" (blessed? Silver?) bullet being fired into his coffin.

(Also, damn, that is one long-assed paragraph!)

Voivode Dracula? Huh. Ah, that's apparently a military title, not a name.

Uh oh, a big bat at the window. Dun dun dun! Gee, wonder why that happened? :p

"We are men, and able to bear." *kerthwap* And I'm a bit saddened that Mina just accepts it, even if she doesn't like it, without some sort of protest. I mean, I could understand it if it was even that she shrank away from the work, since it's definitely not for everyone, but it seems like she thinks she should take part on it but can't go against the men and their ideas. Bah.

And the scene with Renfield is... foreboding. *bode bode bode*
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