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It can't rain all the time...

What is it with this weather? Either it's so damn hot I can't stand to do any outside work, or if it is tolerable enough (or I've worked up enough tolerance, whichever) for me to do the yardwork, it decides to rain!

The project du moment was trying to get a stupid small tree trunk uprooted from my mint patch, damnit, because it doesn't belong there. The thing's pretty firmly ensconsed though, and just as I'm making some headway...

*Phut* *phut*(1)

"Aw, crap. Well, a few light sprinkles I can deal with. Maybe it'll even help soften the soil. *digdigdig*"


"Err... well, okay, I can still live with..."


"Yeah. Maybe I'll just carry this shovel over to the shed before it gets all wet and..."


"... Mmmkay. Great. Thanks."

Well, at least I got a little more done so far today, and it seems like it's slacking off, so maybe the roots will be nice and loosened up by the time I get back out there.

And on the even brighter side, I spotted a second fishie today hanging out with the first. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of my school of golden orfes, which I'd really like to see, or Bluebeard, one of the very first couple koi that I bought, who was growing quite nicely and who was my favorite fish of the bunch. Gah!

(1) - Sound of a light raindrop hitting the ground. Or me.

(2) - The sky deciding that hey, foreplay is SO 90's, and it might as well be done with it and get to the really wet bits.
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