Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Hah, I suspected as much!

So yeah, I looked up Zevran's voice actor (since I couldn't remember offhand) from Dragon Age, and sure enough he's listed on Skyrim for "additional voices." I suspected this, because I swear I recognized his voice and more or less the same accent, on one of the apprentices (the khajit one) in the College of Mages.

Huh, and Gideon Emery is also listed as "additional voices," though I haven't picked him out yet. Not too surprising, since he seems to have a damn scary range. I only recognized him as Fenris because he used a voice like the Balthier voice.

As to the game itself... I find I'm enjoying now the way guards are starting to say different things as they pass, depending on what I've done, what I'm skilled in, and so on. I have some hailing me as a companion, some talking about, well, different outcomes of quests that I've "helped along," some calling out to me as "summoner" and asking me to conjure them up a warm bed, some saying they wish I'd enchant their sword, since it can barely cut butter (or something), some even calling me "Bard" though I haven't gotten very far along in their quests/etc. yet...

I also desperately need more bookshelf space! Er, in the game, I mean. So my character is kinda like myself come to think about it. -_- I wonder if you can own more than one house... that would be nice, especially if you can get different crafting stations in each one. Although come to think of it it might just be easier to stick to Whiterun and run around a bit to use the crafting stations they have there, even if they're not all in my house.

So if y'all aren't tired of talking about the game yet, I'm curious.... what do you all have as your shortcuts/favorites? You know, on your D-pad thingy. I have the simple "Flames" spell and Soul Siphon set to left and right, and my other favorites are all spells. Healing, Fast Healing, and Healing Hands, Conjure Flame Atronach and Conjure Familiar, Ice Spike, Shock. Oh, and Candlelight. Maybe some others that I'm forgetting. I'm thinking of losing Conjure Familiar and Healing, since I almost exclusively use the Flame Atronach and Fast Healing now.

Anyone else also been having fun with enchanting? I've got three swords I made (well, enchanted) myself that I carry around and use - Elven Flame (an elven sword with a flame enchantment, which took over after Silver Flame, the silver sword, got too weak), Skyfrost (a Skyforge Steel sword which I enchanted with a frost enchantment), and Souldrinker (I think? I haven't been using it as much, so I'm not sure of its name now!) which has en enchantment that basically acts as Soul Siphon, if the enemy dies within 5 seconds of being hit with it.

I've also got a Feather Ring and Feather Boots that increase carrying capacity, and a couple other rings I switch out for other occasions (slight frost resistance, like 3%, and something like 40% Magica Regen boost.) And other generic enchantments on all my armor, which is pretty much Elven at this point...

Man, I really need to get my Smithing up so that I can start making better equipment to enchant...

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