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Parasha: Dracula, November 14th reading

Oh right, there's this "reading" thing still to do! *pries controller out of hands...*

So now that I think about it belatedly.. I wonder what Dracula was up to, to distract him, and keep him from draining Lucy for a bit last chapter, while she improved? (Oh come on, we all know what's going on...)

Part of me thinks Drac is an idiot for sticking to one victim like this, increasing his chances of being caught/detected, but I guess when he's been living out in the open for centuries, as lord of his castle and all the peasantry (and with the wolves etc. at his bidding), it's probably hard to give a damn.

Lucky for Lucy I guess that she apparently had a matching blood type to Arthur (and Seward, AND Van Helsing - maybe she's AB neg?), back before they knew of such things. :p (I remember that bugging me a lot when I first read the book!) It's a bit neat, since from what I can tell, blood types/groups were discovered about four years after the novel came out. Wonder if Stoker was kicking himself?

Given the day and age, I'm a bit surprised it wasn't more scandalous that Seward was staying in a single (even if affianced) young woman's bedroom all night! Even if he is a doctor in charge of a patient. I guess maybe I don't have that great a feel for Victorian attitudes, or else a point was stretched in sacrifice to the story.

Wow, I bet Seward feels really stupid now for leaving Lucy alone. (Hands up who didn't expect that to happen, both him deciding "she's well enough" and leaving her alone, and something bad happening because of it...) Although it might have helped if Van Helsing would have said at least something about why it was so important... although I guess that'd be tough without sounding like a nut, himself. Still though - the Wonders of Noncommunication... furthering plots since the late 19th century, up to Harry Potter and beyond.

Van Helsing is certainly a distinct character, I'll give him that! And the soft humor (not to mention the age) is a bit off the usual depictions these days of "ooo fearless vampire hunter!"

Interesting that he uses garlic on Lucy, but not the bulbs as we've come to expect, but the flowers instead.

Huh, if the wolf escape is in the actual style of newspaper reports from the time, the papers those days were... interesting, anyhow!

"a vulpine prodigal son"... shouldn't that be lupine? o_O

"Ah, "the blood is the life"... so that crops up here, too. This novel indeed did spark off so many of the sayings, superstitions, etc....

And we see what the wolf (Berserker, I guess) was up to, and why he was taken from his cage for just one day...

And once again, so much coincidence taking part here. Mothers happening to remove the necessary garlic, telegrams just happening to go astray (and how does that even happen?), Quincey Morris showing up juuust as he's needed for a transfusion, and so on.

Anyhow, geez, just move her out of freaking London already!

Hah, a quick story of a vampire bat, how fitting. (Not that vampire bats actually kill their prey, or leave them that badly off...)

And Dracula manages to get into Lucy's head to cause her to tear up (or try to tear up) the letter, it seems...

"And except for his violent fits nothing of the kind had ever occurred." So except for being violent, he's never been violent! Good to know!

A strait-waistcoat instead of a strait-jacket. For some reason, that amuses me!

I wonder what's going on with the men that Renfield attacked... were they stealing Dracula's caskets of Transylvanian soil?

Buried for all eternity with a parent? I... think I'll pass. And someone write to Mina and tell her what's going on already, yeesh. (Although I guess she's about to find out, brutally.) And no one's going to investigate Harker, after his former boss takes him in as a partner then dies suddenly? :p

No Seward, bats are not moths, to be "attracted by the light." Although come to think of it, I guess the insect-eating types could be attracted by the moths which in turn are attracted by lights. But they wouldn't be beating their wings against the glass. :p

And once again we stop at a fairly miserable place. Although not quite as much of a cliffhanger as some of the others...

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