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There is not nearly enough Skyrim discussion going on!

Although I guess I can understand it, since...

a) Playing, not posting!

b) It's hard to figure out what might or might not be spoilage for everyone else. I mean, I'm up to level 12, and I've still barely touched the main storyline. And it's not like everyone would even be doing the same sidequests either...

So anyhow. What's everyone else doing? I'm a female Bosmer, swordwielder and magic-user (mostly Destruction, Conjuration and Restoration), with a lot of Enchanting/Alchemy and a wee bit of Smithing. And I've been doing a lot of Lockpicking too, although I haven't been doing much other thiefly stuff.

So far I'm a member of the Companions and the Bard's College, not too far along in either, and still want to join the Stormcloaks (started that quest) and the College of Magic (haven't been there yet). Just got my own place. Have a follower.

Grrr, I dunno what else I want to say, that might not be, like, spoilycakes! I still have to go talk to the Greybeards, and will probably do that next... that is vague enough that it shouldn't be spoily. (Then probably the College of Magic... then maybe I'll see about that Stormcloaks quest if I'm feeling high enough level yet...)


Nov. 14th, 2011 06:41 pm (UTC)
I've discovered that your pickpocket skill goes up based on the *value* and *weight* of what you steal.

And while stealing people's armor gets you mad training, then you're left dropping it because who wants to carry that crap. So go for their rings and necklaces instead and WOOOOSH watch your Pickpocket skill go through the roof.

Why is this comment relevant? Well, it used to be I'd steal people's food and their booze and things, just for the skill points. Now, I leave those behind and only steal the good stuff, because I get *way* more skill points by leaving the victim behind and picking a new one.

(pick on the sleeping whenever possible. And then get the perk that gives you a mad additional bonus when they're sleeping.)

Edited at 2011-11-14 06:42 pm (UTC)