Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Dracula, November 9th reading

So at least he realizes the women were wanting to suck his blood. Yeesh. Now finish making the connections...You can do it....

Also, I find it difficult to believe that with most of a flippin' castle at his fingertips, Harker can't manage to break out someway, somewhere, somehow. Good grief. Yeah, breaking out into an area surrounded by wilderness wouldn't be ideal, but he's convinced he's going to die, anyhow...

And suddenly time goes quicker! Guess Stoker got bored of describing the castle and suchlike. :p That, and wants to get along with the story, which, yay!

And huh, so the women turn to "motes of dust" rather than mist, really. Interesting.

And the wolves... *shudder* I'd forgotten about that little interlude. Then again, it's been a long time since I've read the book at all, and I've forgotten most of the details. There's not much in the way of leeway as to whether Dracula is evil or not, as there was with Frankenstein, for at least part of it. I mean there, he definitely went over lines, but for a good bit of it you had sympathy for him. (The "monster" I mean, not Frankenstein himself, who was not evil, just an idiot.) Here though? Yeah.

And good grief. Harker manages to climb to the Count's room, but doesn't try to just escape. And he has the Count lying there helpless in front of him in the day, and doesn't do a damn thing because he "sees the hate in his eyes" and runs away like a little wimp. Gah. Just... *smack* Grow some balls, man!

Ah, and finally after he eventually grows a minor pair, then we're whisked away to England, and Mina, and Lucy. More characters! Finally.

I'm glad we're at least told that Morris the American is affecting the slangy talk mostly for Lucy's sake, because yeesh. And three proposals in one day? Literary license, much?

Ah, enter Renfield...

Wow, it's odd to see mention of Nuremberg as a picturesque place, without any spectre of the trials or anything lying over it.

Man, the talking in dialect is all well and good and interesting and flavorful in its place, but it can be overdone, I think!

Hah, sitting on the lap of a suicide and making him happy? That's... an interesting thought. And is/was it a common belief that on Judgment Day, the spirits would have to rise up and get their tombstones to take with them as testament? I'm really not good on theology, I'm afraid...

Reading about Renfield, all I have running through my head is "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly..." Well, okay, that's not all. Also things like "what is WRONG with the doctor for just watching this "experiment"?

And oooo... a cliffhanger for a stopping place. So far, there are a lot of separate threads, and we'll have to see how well they come together later on...
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