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Oh hey, the first of the final two-chapter readings!

And yup, looks like mankind really IS that stupid, again.

Ugh, man. The euthanasia thing on the radio... just... argh. Talk about cold bureaucracy... (also, Green Star vs. Red Cross, heh.)

As for the rest of it... I can see theologically the reasons for the Abbot's decisions, requests, etc... it's just one of the problems I have with religion in general, and have with this specifically. Because you in particular believe in some specific god with specific (and silly) rules, you're willing to let others who don't even believe the same suffer, and hold them to that standard, because... argh. Just... argh.

The "inferior" races... personally, I'd like to know who let THAT type of thought back into the society. You'd think that after learning to live alongside things like horrible mutations, little things like skin color wouldn't have seemed such a big deal.

"The conflict of Martha and Mary"? Anyone?

Ahahaha, Saint Poet of the Miraculous Eyeball. Yeesh.

Yeah, anyone NOT assume that the sick were going to be told "we can't tell you anything to do... except go down the road to that other installation!" or some such, as soon as it started getting set up?

And gee, urns, and firebricks. Wonder what they could POSSIBLY be planning to do there. At least he didn't try to stretch that out too long...

And after the Abbot finds the woman and child and tells them to just basically suck it up and die in agony? Fuck. You.

And the story about the cat? To the woman? This priest needs to die in a fire. Which it looks quite likely he will soon do. Thankfully.

And seems he's only so Divine and above all us humans when he's trying to get others to act, not so much when he's dealing with people on his own behalf. -_-

I'll... just stop typing now, before I really go off on a rant I guess. I was surprised that I enjoyed the religious people a lot more in, say, the second chapter or so, where they were tempered with... humanity. But here, that seems to be stripped away again. *sigh*


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Sep. 25th, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
Oh, I recognize the Church's stance on it, I even think I can understand and accept it (to some extent) theoretically... but I also think it takes a certain kind of dick to be able to argue for it so vehemently in the face of such actual, concrete suffering.

Then again, that might be (in great part) because I DON'T have that belief. And I think the Abbot very definitely crossed a line in trying to basically make off with the baby, given that it just wasn't his fucking call.

For me, the parallel between humanity's "suicide" and a parent's choosing it for a child falls down though, since a) in the countries' case, it's more like mutual manslaughter, which is definitely not okay, and b) mankind as a whole (presumably) could go on surviving just fine without its leaders foolishly deciding to click the shiny "launch" button, whereas with the woman and her child, it's not a matter of deciding to live on or die, it's a matter of deciding whether to die right this second more quickly, or dying (or really just ceasing to function) by degrees, painfully and horribly, over the next few days or whatever.
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