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Ladies and gentlemen, we have fish!

Well, that may very well be fish, singular, not plural. But I have at least the one, damnit.

I'd given up even checking my pond for them, since I hadn't seen any fish in so long, and figured they'd all had it. But after the rain (suddenly, I'm hearing a Nelson song...) I managed to get the rest of my plants planted, get some other stuff done, and get my pump put into my pond. (Although I've barely started fixing the cattails, because daaaamn those are some stubborn plants.)

So I happened to be out by the pond checking some other things in my nearby flower garden, and frightened the frog that I have hanging out around there, sending it leaping into the water. I'd just turned around to laugh at it (I mean, frogs are supposed to be graceful jumpers, yes? But this one went to jump in the water, twisted around oddly in mid-air, and ended up doing a sort of reverse belly-flop flat onto its back in the water), and watching where it hit the surface, I happened to notice a blob of white, gold and blue hanging out just above the surface. And after watching it swim around for a minute, yes, it turned out to be a fish that had apparently been drawn by the nice fresh new water flow. Score!

I am a bit annoyed though (read: would be completely fucking furious if I knew for sure that something was up), because I've also noticed that with the really strong new water flow, and with the surface of the water getting moved and disturbed, there are a suspicious amount of bubbles forming and floating around. And we're talking bubbles that look awfully like soap bubbles.... *fume* I'll have to keep an eye on things, and see how they look over the next couple days.

Oh, I don't think I'd mentioned Mr. Froggy before, so I might as well now. While the fish seem to be mostly absent from my pond, I have had a frog of some sort appear from (so far as I'm concerned) nowhere, and make my pond his home. He's pretty quick too, and fast at jumping in to the water at the slightest provocation, which probably explains why he's still sharing the same yard with Miss I-Must-Kill-Anything-That-Moves Doggy. It's weird though - the only things I've seen around this general area in the wild are (from looking at an identification guide online) probably American or Fowler's Toads. And they make a sorta crick-crick sound. This however looks more like an actual frog, and makes a weird "Grunk...... Grunk...." sound instead, sorta like someone twanging a giant elastic band. So... I have zero idea where it came from.

Which is another weird thing about ponds. Now, I'm in the southern part of not the largest city in the world, but not exactly countryside either. And the nearest natural body of water (or Creek in this case) is probably about a mile off. And yet, not only do I end up with a frog somehow homing in on this one little pond to set up residence, but I also have a lot of dragonflies around at various points that decide to hang out around the water (and before the pond, every *once* in a while you might see a dragonfly roaming around on its way elsewhere, but only say maybe once a year or so), and I even have freaking water bugs. You know, the non-flying type of critters that kinda "skate" around the pond, and have the long legs that form a sort of "X" on the surface of the water. Things that shouldn't (as far as I can say) have made it to a little isolated 700 gallons or so of water in the city, but have.

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