Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: A Canticle for Leibowitz, Sept. 19th reading

Hrm, this time I've actually read the section separately rather than commenting as I read, which I have been doing for most of the book, so my pardon if it reads differently or I miss anything.

I like how they just gloss over the whole Texarkana invasion of Laredo, with "well, it was assumed that it was over before it began."

I gotta wish the Thon were actually the one in charge instead of the current Prince, since at least he wouldn't have the thirst for war. Both he and the Abbot, later on, have some good points I think. It's not really fair to accuse the Abbot of hiding away the Memorabilia, when hiding it away was the only thing that kept it extant in the first place. Really I'm more with the Abbot in that argument, surprisingly (given my thoughts on religion vs. science), but at the same time it can't be expected that the scientists would just tie their own hands and Give Up. Given the lessons of the Flame Deluge in this society though, they should at least learn some damn caution.

Anyone else think that toward the end, Hannegan's decree starts to smack of "I'm SO not excommunicated (or whatever it was exactly), YOU are! Neener neener, so there!"?

I'm not exactly sure what the experiment with the lamp and the sheets of glass and so on was supposed to be. A primitive sort of laser, maybe?

I also wonder just what that snippet re: a slave race was from, or if it was meant to be from anything in particular.

I do feel bad about Marcus Apollo, damnit. And the Abbot. I rather liked both of them, and I thought the Abbot was rather shrewd, even if hampered by his physical deterioration. Much better than the previous Abbot we'd met.

And we get another damn 600-year time jump, yeesh. I thought maybe we'd settled down in one time frame for a bit, but I guess we had to see the new medieval era, than the new Renaissance, so now.... a new modern age, perhaps? Although with the crib notes, so to speak, and the progress they'd already made I'm a bit surprised it would take them that long.

And given the way both of the previous parts ended (Francis' death and the Poet's death, and devouring by buzzards), I'm a bit wary of how the third one might end. With the death of all humanity, perhaps?

Also a bit surprised for some reason that we didn't see Benjamin in the last chapter of this part again, but oh well.

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