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What's with the "NAME" stuff? How weird. It sounds almost like the type of thing you read that the name is meant to be slotted in, but that doesn't make much sense in Scripture.

Anyhow. The Flame Deluge, from a Scriptural standpoint. Interesting! Blackeneth... wonder if that's supposed to be someone specific? Or just vaguely foreboding-ish sounding?

Hrm, so at least the Abbot seems to know/realize that the Scripture-esque version of the Flame Deluge is just that - intentionally written in that style, but not meant to be literal truth. I wonder how many of the lesser clergy realize that, though?

It's refreshing to be reminded that the Abbot, ill though he may be, isn't politically ignorant. Even if he is not quick to greet the rebirth of science in his basement. :p

It's also a bit nice to see Thon Taddeo unbending enough to at least attempt to phrase things more politely to the Abbot than "oh, you're a bunch of prejudiced stuffy people," or what have you.

The thon's remark likening the Poet to a court Fool is probably appropriate. Maybe even in the sense that he hides some nuggets of wisdom in a more palatable form. Well, at least until he totally drops the palatable form, and sticks the knife in. I really gotta feel for the Abbot's (assumed) ulcer, after this mess. And he probably shoulda been quicker with the foot.

In some ways, I'm wondering if the re-renaissance here as far as science goes might be hindered as much as helped by the Memorabilia, incomplete as they are. I mean, it's causing the new scientists to not only try to run before they can walk, but to fly instead, right from the start. A lot of the concepts (I think, as a non-scientist myself) need a solid foundation of other things to be useful, and in the book's day and age they just don't have those foundations, because they've been lost. And trying to anchor new theories and such from them will just cause everything to come tumbling down.

Or at least, that's my suspicion. As I said, not a scientist.

And... just who is Benjamin expecting the thon to be? The Second Coming, perhaps, if he is Lazarus?



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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 19th, 2011 06:42 pm (UTC)
I meant to reply before but... I had the exact same reaction re: Hongan O's as a breakfast cereal.

"Get your day started right, with a heaping bowl full of Hongan O's!"

Re: The original comment, I thought maybe I misread it because I was expecting something more sinister-y, but no, in my copy it's definitely Blackeneth, so I guess one of them is perhaps typo-ed.

So maybe this book is conflating Lazarus with the Wandering Jew? or... I dunno. Maybe we'll figure it out before the end of the book.

And yeah, definitely felt bad for the ego there, with the "oh, you've been working on that for years? We had this right in our vaults! Ha hah" sort of vibe going on. That can't be a fun sort of thing to hear. And I'm just worried that it might color his reactions/interactions with the monks. He's seemed to unbend a bit here and there, but he seems so quick to get prickly again, and he is related to one of the political powers, one that's on the cusp apparently of causing war...