Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: A Canticle for Leibowitz, Sept. 14th reading

So I have a) a verrah fast mouse now, since mine was dying and I just replaced it with one that seems to be much more sensitive, and b) no water, since the plumbers are in the process of locating and repairing (with help of a backhoe) the outside leak that we've been hearing for the past week+.

I shall try, however, to concentrate on bookness!

Honestly, after the last scene with the Abbot I find I'm not sure I WANT to read on. That just still turns my stomach. Ugh. But I suppose I must soldier on.

Gee, am I getting the slight impression on the first page of the chapter that the nomad tribes survive on hunting alone? Possibly? (Also, no wonder they're so cranky and ready to war people, they must be awfully constipated.)

And gee, everyone in the little plot is planning on turning everyone else eventually, probably. What a shock. I never would have guessed.

And gee, think we could get any more "grunt grunt machismo" for the tribes?

Soooo... from the hermit's words anyhow, he a) is of course the same hermit that Francis saw, and b) is related to Leibowitz distantly. Of course, how much truth there is in all that remains to be seen...

"The Venerable Francis Gerard"... so we at least hear a little more about the poor guy. And at least he's well-remembered.

I'll admit, the exchange about the writing, and the tents mended, and everything, has me totally lost.

Ah, "a new Renaissance"? How the hell do they remember the old one, if they don't remember really anything concrete about the previous civilization? o_O And for the record, "renaissance" itself translates to "rebirth," which I suppose is the reason for the references to birth-pain. And would that make this a re-re-naissance?

"The Book I gave you..." Hum... wonder what this is referencing? The Bible perhaps, or a book of it, if maybe he's not meant to be the Wandering Jew, but one of the Disciples or something? Although I've seen no other reason to believe that, or to believe that they would still be wandering the world.

Argh, I really just don't know enough of theology to "get" these chapters very well. -_-

One thing though, this Abbot at least seems more... human, and likable, than the one in the first part!

Aww, speaking of likable... I liked Apollo too. I'm sad to hear he's been arrested and all. Or to read it. Whatever.

And yet again we get a parallel between the wooden Saint, and the wanderer. And it turns out to be a pretty good place for a break, by accident.
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