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So yesterday I finally finished up the project I've been working on for a while, barring the need for any extra writing needing done, etc. Yay! *dances* Now I get to relax for a bit. Maybe. We'll see. :)

For those interested: go here!

Wow, I notice I've got my own little "people who bought books by..." blurb and links on Amazon now. Cool. :) Now if only I can get some creative stuff in there as well. Must... write... novel...

I'm also fairly chipper because I finally broke down last night and ordered a new computer. A Dell, for those interested. We won't discuss price or anything, but let's just say that it's got some sweeeet specs. So I should be able to run all my precious games without problems now, for the next year or two or even three before they get too demanding again.

For now though I'm tired - my parents are going to Wisconsin for the family reunion for the next week or so starting tomorrow, so I took my mom out to do shopping for clothes, last-minute items, etc. this morning. Tiiired.

But content. :)
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