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Parasha: A Canticle for Leibowitz, Sept. 7th reading

Also, I seem to have munged the tags on these a bit. Any preferences which tag for this book specifically I should use? I'll probably change them all in a bit.

Seven years? Man, poor Francis. You'd think the Abbot would just give up and let the miracle be spread out, already. Yeesh.

Hrm, if "Inquisitor" brings up thoughts of a torturer, and most knowledge and such of the present day was lost... does that mean the Inquisition has made a come-back, in its more historical sense? Ouch. Although probably to be expected, in such a harsh world...

And seven years later he still remembers the term "execrable vanity"? Yeesh.

Also, I know now who Francis is reminding me of, a bit, which has been bugging me. Brutha, from Small Gods. And in fact a lot of it is reminiscent. (The Abbey off the desert, the downtrodden novice who is honest to a fault and may or may not be stupid, but he's thought to be...) I know some doing this read-along haven't read that, so it won't mean much, but I'm curious what others might think. Am I totally off the mark?

I am just absolutely amused by the thought of the illuminated math texts for some reason. :)

The thought of Brother Sarl and his method for restoring old book pages also reminds me of Discworld, this time of L-Space, and also of the Sandman series and the library of dreams.

And oh dear... the copying of the blueprints. I just... I mean... okay, that's dedication. "spreading blue ink around tiny white letters"? Wow. (And I find it hard to imagine him being able to sketch the blueprints at all accurately - which he might not have - and painstakingly spread the blue ink like that, when he's not even done learning to illuminate. You can kinda figure that the Brother in charge of this doesn't really see it as an important task.)

Another reason I'd never be called to the priesthood/monastery (again, gender aside)... I doubt I'd be able to refrain from stabbing Jeris with a quill.

I notice that Francis can be devious enough when it suits his own needs - hiding the blueprint in amongst other blueprints, and carefully not mentioning what he learns about blueprints to Brother Horner - although he's not telling a straight-out falsehood at least. (Plus I guess maybe he's changed a bit in seven years? Or longer, even.)

So now I have to wonder just what a quiggle, doohicky, etc., is in the terms of the book. I thought maybe they were technical terms that have leaked out into the regular world, like "sport" perhaps, but if so I can't find any reference in searches for definitons. Hrm.

So the visage of the Beatus looks familiar to Francis, eh? *dundunDUN*

"Six young novices instructed to be responsive to his every whim"... again, I can't help but think that would hvae a totally different slant, written today.

"The other side has a witness," yeah, looks like there's some definite political infighting in the Church. Yeesh. The more things change... Nice to see that with society lost, the one thing quickly brought back to order is the bureaucracy and politicking. -_-

"Rumored dragons"... hmmm, pure fantasy, or mutations?

Horns and fangs? The... devil's advocate? *grooaaan* And what's with the horns disappearing and the fangs vanishing? Is it all just supposed to be Francis' imagination? Mutation, which suddenly looks less ominious to Francis? Prosthetics and their removal? Urgh...

Anyhow, looks like we finally get to see New Rome!

Schedule again.
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