Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: October discussion

Yes, I figured I would get this started early, so that a) I don't forget, and b) we can actually discuss things a bit more in-depth.

One suggestion, which I find a sensible one, is to read Dracula (which has long been suggested) for October, in honor of Halloween and alladat. What do people think about that?

Also if you have anything new to suggest, or anything to say about previous suggestions, please do so! I'd like especially to figure out which books to just cull from the list, which ones to move up to "probably read Real Soon" status, and so on.

Here is the latest discussion on the subject. I'm getting the feeling we could cull Moore, at least, and possibly Kipling? Any others, or any "hey, don't cull those" for those two?

One other thing I'd like to at least mention since it's crossed my mind, but I'm not sure how feasible it would be... part of me would like to do something a little closer to the... well "original" Parasha, in the sense of how most of the old rasfwrj-ers used the term (not the actual general term). In the sense of going back and reading or re-reading a series, a bit at a time, so we can discuss how things develop overall, things we might notice now that we didn't on an original readthrough, and so on.

The problems with this of course are that a) a whole series would take a lot of time (although we could always, say, do a book of the series, and then something else next month, then go back to the series, or something like that) and b) this would probably just be for books all participants have already read, kinda cutting out possible new readers.

Still though, I'm curious what others would think of the idea. It came to me on my latest readthrough of the whole Harry Potter series that I'm currently doing, and although each of those books is very long, in other senses it'd be a fun thing for that type of Parasha-ing, going back and trying to figure "did she have this future setup in mind already, or did she retcon a bit, or..."? and seeing foreshadowing, and... well, all that. But another series could work, too.
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