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I went down to a little shop a block or so from my house (and we're not talking City Blocks here) called Staffords that sells lots of nice little flowers, herbs, etc. and picked up some more flowers for my gardens, since I did manage to get the others all planted yesterday. I also got my pump in today that I'd ordered for my pond, though I figure working in my pond will be the last thing for today, since it will necessitate a nice long shower.

So then why oh why, when I want to get some of this stuff DONE, does it insist on raining? Now, even a fairly steady drizzle I can deal with, which is one of the reasons I'm currently pretty wet. But noooo, that's not even enough for Mr. Weather. Instead, it insists on shifting then straight into "downpour with rumbly ominous thunder in the distance."


(And I still can't get any of the purple pansies anywhere that I want, nor have I yet scored catnip or heather, all of which were some of the things I most wanted to plant from the start.)

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