Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Lucifer, July 25th reading

Oh hey, is it going to let me actually post now?

And hey, we get to finish the storyarc!

Once again, we realize that Lucifer is Not A Nice Guy as he, ah, finesses his way into the club. Not that we really needed to be told this, considering. (And man, it seemed like every comic around this time had to have someone vomiting "on-camera" so to speak, to show that they were edgy and not afraid to show grit and stuff. I've always HATED this.)

This is also another case where I just don't like the art for this arc much... I mean, Jill's working wonders here, having true magic erupt from her... and she just seems so stilted, and posed, for most of it.

The idea of God creating the world just for the power rush is... interesting, though. o_O

At least Jill's ready to stand up for Jayesh. And I don't have any sympathy for her "victims," considering. Go Jill! And at least those are interesting and tarot-analog-appropriate deaths for them!

I don't have any sympathy for Karl either, despite his last-minute change of heart. And he'd better hope really that Jayesh doesn't wake up, since he'll be able to say what happened...

And wow, Meleos is pissed. Gotta wonder where that roulette ball's going to end up landing... (I don't remember, if it's even in the parts of the comic I've already read...)

I also find it... fitting, amusing, whatever... that after the big conflict and all of that, Lucifer just doesn't give a crap about letting the Basanos wander free, he just wanted his divination.

And yeah, those lovely tarot cards that don't belong in any tarot deck. Innocence. The Mountain. Etc. etc.

I do like how Innocence adds the whole immortality thing as a sort of afterthought. Yeah, right. Although to Jill, it seems like that wasn't the driving factor after all.

"Those who believe in free will make the best puppets of all." Heh. Fits in quite nicely with the whole Destiny theme, and the talks we had about predestination...

And a very... intriguing end to the arc.

Next week is the last bit of the book, "Born with the Dead," so no need for a schedule.
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