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Heat is... still hot.

First... a meme!

Your IQ Is 130

Your Logical Intelligence is Genius
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Okay, that out of the way...

It's still Way Too Damn Hot today. I wasn't too hot when I first got up, thanks to huddling in the air conditioned inside of the house and alladat (well plus it stormed last night which I think helped cool things down overnight). And right now I'm not too hot either, thanks to a cold shower and more air conditioning goodness. But I'm still totally wrung out. Today I went to the mall (manga manga yay!) and Lowes (although they didn't quite have all the plants I wanted, pout). And due to the fact that my car AC still sucks rocks (it's due to be looked at on Friday at least), by the time I got home, I was already beat. Unfortunately the trip to Lowes involved lots of plant acquisition, even if they didn't have some of the stuff I most wanted (namely: pansies, heather, catnip/other herbs and water lilies). So I still ended up outside doing a bit of stuff.

Now, I'd intended to plant a lot more than I did. I planted a new rosebush to "frame" my pear tree along with another, more established rose bush, and then planted a rose of Sharon up by my pond. At that point I took more note of my water flowage - or more specifically, the water flow that was SUPPOSED to be happening, but wasn't. I already figured my pond critters had pretty much had it, because I haven't seen any fish lurking around yet this year, when they already should have been. Not sure if it's due to the fact that I didn't yank all of the excess plants out last year as soon as I should have, or if things have gotten thrown into the pond that shouldn't be (I've noticed some plastic litter and such in my damn pond once in a while, damnit), or what. But now the pump that didn't seem to be completely working as hard as it should have been but was still bringing water through the filter was completely just not working. So I ended up fishing all of the equipment out of the pond, totally cleaning the filter out (which it needed, anyhow. Pond sludge, gak!), taking off what bits of the pump I could to try to fish any excess matter out of it, rinsing stuff thoroughly, rinsing out the tubing to make sure water still flowed through it fine, etc etc. Then I put it back together, put it back in the water, started up the electricity to it again and... still nothing. *plays taps for the pump*

So... I've ended up ordering a new pump from an online website that I've had good experiences with in the past. More expense, joy. Plus the expensive of flower pots to replant some of my current pond plants, plus whatever expensive will come with restocking fish once I'm sure my water's safe again, etc. Freaking joy. Well, after I was done with the pond, I didn't get any more of my planned planting and such done, because I desperately needed a shower after dealing with the pond water, especially before I ate dinner. Although I almost always get a hot/warm shower, even in the summertime, this time I just let the water run cold for the entire shower.... and it felt absolutely divine. *bliss*

So... that's why I didn't get more of the planting and such done today so far. Because I didn't want to do so after getting so nice and clean and cooled off. But now I may just get dressed again (I'm in a nightgown currently) and go back out just to get away from my mother's incessant nagging and bitching. (At the moment it's because I happened to mention that I planted the Rose of Sharon near my pond, and she's bitching about how it should be in the flower bed, and I'm making it so difficult to cut grass, yadda yadda. Goddamn.)

Still to do in the next day or so on livejournal: Post a review or so to the manga_soapbox community, post a book review in this journal, and post those pictures I mentioned of the FFXI stuff (since I seemed to have slightly more interested than totally disinterested, though the "distracted" topped both of those groups...)
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