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Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Lucifer, July 21st reading

And a quick thanks to prince_corwin for reminding me about this, because I completely let it slip my mind. I blame the 100-degree heat. And the fact that I'm currently attempting to keep my brain from leaking out of my ears in a puddle. Jeez.

Ah, and here I thought Meleos was dead. Although by the end of this part, he may wish he was. A lovely revenge, in a cold bastard sort of way. Except that he's destroying bookses! Augh.

And man, does a "younger" Lucifer look like someone who needs a bitchslap, or what? I mean, he just looks like a stuck up little... yeah. Maybe it's just me though!

And now that I think about it... just what card would "The Lightbringer" be in place of? I mean, you'd think "The Devil" would be the most obvious, except that at the time, he hadn't even fallen, yet. (In fact, I'm wondering how the creation of a tarot at that point, so far back in history, would even work!) Although I guess maybe these were the precursor, and regular tarot cards are modern-day echoes of them? Anyhow.

I think I might buy the "seeds of greatness" pep talk a little better if it wasn't to someone who just wimped out in the middle of a damn black-and-white line-art tattoo. Okay, granted I don't have any tattoos myself so I can't talk much, but still!

And so yeah, that one's the Emperor, because it says so. Elsa Kretchner's friend is Justice. Then Rage...? Which I guess might be Strength perhaps. Or I think that's supposed to be mental as well as physical strength so... maybe the Chariot? And I'm assuming Hugo's little friend is The Magician, which would be fitting.

Back to the cards... I'm not sure about the child. Maybe she's even just something abstract and unsuspected, like the Tower. Although it says "her card is Innocence" so... I dunno, maybe she is just Innocence, and the cards in the Basanos just don't all directly map to the regular tarot. Which is certainly possible.

And... Karl is a little fuck, and needs to die. Immediately. And the bottle, just... that was at the time, and remains, one of the most disturbing things I've read in comics, even if it's not actually *shown*. Just... *shudder* Talk about "blood in the gutter," from Understanding Comics...

And we also get to listen in on Lucifer musing (drunkenly or not, probably not) about his relationship with The Lord. Talk about weird things, out of context... or in context I guess, even.

It's interesting though how even Jill's memories tie into the tarot. "The World" is mentioned, and then there's the Hanged Man, obviously. Followed by the nice little ominous bit with the noose-looking rope behind Jill. Innnteresting.

Anyhow, I'll stop now and not go too far into stuff, because I'm already way late with this. Enjoy!

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