Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Lucifer, July 14th reading

I do enjoy the exchange between Rachel where she refuses to move until she gets an answer (which takes balls, when going on a quest with the devil, I gotta admit), and where Lucifer basically tells her "Okay, know what? It's all a dream!" To be fair to him, I don't think he was patronizing her, it was just that the whole concept is difficult to describe and explain, especially to someone not grounded in that type of reality.

Here's a quick link I found re: Atse'hashke for what it's worth... they also call him "First Angry" or, tellingly, Coyote. Heh. Hehheh.

"Christ on a bike!" You know, I'm not sure if Lucifer would hate such references, or enjoy the blasphemy. It's a toss-up! Also, it's weird to see him playing second fiddle to a guide that doesn't even know what she's doing, but enjoyable all the same. And in a way, he's playing guide to the guide, which is... weird. And still gotta love the snark.

"That's that, I think. Time to go home." Talk about your anticlimax! But again, fitting and enjoyable. (Plus I guess there just wouldn't be room for an epic resolution.)

I'm a bit surprised Lucifer just ignored Rachel's rantings and threats, but maybe she just wasn't worth his time and energy. Or maybe even even felt... gratitude? Naah. Well, who knows?

And the little bits between Amenadiel and Lucifer are great again, too. Heh. Hehehehe. "I suggest steel wool."

So the devil likes Billie Holiday eh? Huh.

And I'm used to having the chipper female sidekick who's going to mature, who's a good soul, etc etc. bloody etc.... it's weird walking away from one who's apparently fundamentally broken, instead!

And we end the first story, and next time, go into the second. I can't remember if the writ of passage comes into play here or not, but I'm looking forward to seeing (remembering?) what it's for!

Tags: books, parahsa, parasha_lucifer
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