Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Lucifer, July 11th reading

"Normal service will be, what is it, resumed. Shortly." That just... amuses me. :)

Lucifer vs. Remiel: no contest. (For the at least one person reading who didn't read the background in Sandman, Remiel is one of two angels that took over the running of Hell when Lucifer abdicated. Since, y'know, Hell was part of the ineffable plan and all that, and pretty much required. Duma is, of course, the other.)

WTF, I thought Rachel had a decent build-up for a throwaway character, but she's getting dragged back into this...? Why? Ho boy, this should be interesting.

Wow, harder to say than he thought? I didn't expect him to say it at all! Huh! My, how that must grate.

"The gods with the firm handshakes"... Man, gotta love some of the weird descriptions he comes up with. :)

Ah hah. So that's why he took the girl. Although why the hell he'd think she'd matter at all to Lucifer himself is... mind-boggling? I dunno!

"I will not relent. Unless you want to make me a substantially higher offer." Now that's more like it. ;) And also it's nice to see that our little anti-hero protagonist isn't omnipotent/omniscient. Because that would get to be boring!

"This is blood?" Gee, no, it's red paint. Used to paint ominous words and used in magical rituals/spells. What the hell do you think it is? Sheesh.

"It's probably better not to get his hopes up." *snrk* Nice and comforting there. ;)

So yeah, there's the Pharamond of legend, and I know I should be remembering more about him as the comic book character, but I just can't. :/ Oh well!

"You're really him? Jesus." Oh Rachel. Someone needs to learn to think before she speaks...

And... nice punishment. Heh. I think he'd probably rather have the chastizement.

More devilish schedulish! Or something.
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_lucifer
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