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Parasha: Lucifer, July 7th reading

So, after I picked up the trade paperback, I realized that the first part of it is from the Sandman: Presents series, which I don't think I've read! I started with the series itself, which is the latter half of the TPB. So this part is new to me too!

So... anyone want to translate the Latin on the ashtray at the chapter beginning? :p

"You may leave my nuts exactly as they are." *snicker* Okay, I'm twelve. Then again, that was probably intended.

I admit I like the storytelling technique here - we're told basically that Amenadiel is one of the Thrones, a bit about what that order of angels is like, who the "proprietor" is and what he does, all in the space of a page or so and without directly stating it. Carey is smooth! And the devil quoting scriptures for his own ends (even if it's just greeting someone) is also a nice touch.

I almost expected Lucifer to throw the angel's request in his face, given the whole "I'm omniscient and you WILL do this" angle. (Which I mistyped as "angel" first. The angle part, I mean. Man, confusing!) But then, I guess there wouldn't be much story!

"Who would I sacrifice it TO?" Hehheh.

So far at least, the protagonist doesn't seem "evil" so much as "overly sarcastic," which is of course appealing. ;) Until the very end of the section of course, when he just goes into "cold bastard."

I also had to look up Briadach the Blind, figuring maybe he was actually from myth/religion, but apparently not? At least, the search just seems to turn up references to the comic character.

As a side note, I think the Lucifer series was my first real introduction to the concept of Lilith, and the Lilim. Which I'm now seeing more of, since I'm going through a Shin Megami Tensei phase!

And whoah, that was abrupt! So much for Paul. And velleity is a term, but apparently not in the mystical sense, so... I'm curious now what's going on!

Also I suspect I may not have cut things off in the right place, because that seems like a very abrupt ending. But oh well. Sorry!

Eeeevil scheduleness!


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Jul. 8th, 2011 04:36 am (UTC)
Yes, Carey does seem to have a way of drawing you in, even if you don't know what's going on yet! I really do think he was a great match with the character, too.

(And I gave you a quick rundown I know on the why he was running a nightclub bit, but I may have missed some stuff myself, so if anyone else wants to chime in, feel free.)

Re: The Omniscient one: Nothing says "powerful, regal being" like him going "neener neener, I know everything!" through a messenger.

And yeah, I know now that the Lilim... er, I was going to say "do exist" but... you know what I mean! That they are an actual concept/belief/whatever, anyhow. But yeah, I'm pretty sure these works (or Sandman) were my first introduction to them.

And isn't it a bit ironic to have the Prince of Lies who has no patience for deceit? Then again, he DID get basically sick and tired of running hell and decided to just quit, so maybe that's part and parcel of it?

And thanks, I knew that various people reading have a better working knowledge of Latin than I, and was hoping someone might know it!
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