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Parasha: Lucifer schedule

EDIT: Since looks like the 4th isn't going to fly, how does everyone want to handle scheduling? Think a Tues/Friday schedule would fly? Or maybe I'll just go back to Tues/Thurs for this month, since two days isn't as bad for Graphic Novel segements. Or for that matter I guess I could start on the 7th and go through the 28th. Any preferences people?

Edit 2: I'm going to go ahead and just bump things back a day each for now, if anyone else has a problem with it speak up in the comments, we can figure something out.

Eep, been meaning to get this up for a while. Sorry!

This one's a bit tricker than I expected, since while the last four sections are each marked when a new one starts, the first three aren't. Mweh. And I'm not 100% sue I have them divvied up right, but it should be close at least!

I think we went with a Mon/Thurs schedule last time, I'm just not sure about putting the first one on the 4th. Oh well, the festivities don't start out until night usually, so I'll go ahead and put it like that for now, but if anyone wants it changed lemme know.

Thurs. July 7th: The Morningstar Option (p. 4 - 25
Mon. July 11th: The Morningstar Option (p. 26 - 51)
Thurs. July 14th: The Morningstar Option (p. 52 - 71)
Mon. July 18th: A Six Card Spread 1 (p. 72 - 92)
Thurs. July 21st: A Six Card Spread 2 (p. 93 - 116)
Mon. July 25th: A Six Card Spread 3 (p. 117 - 136)
Thurs. July 28th: Born With the Dead

Lemme know if anything needs changed!


Jun. 29th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
Alright, I'm gonna edit in a question on how people would like to handle the schedule, since we've still got a bit of time.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 30th, 2011 03:33 am (UTC)
Schedule adjusted, we'll see if it needs readjusted later.