Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Jekyll and Hyde May 26th reading

Last chapter!

"I was born in..." oh good grief, do we really need to go back that far? Yeah, definitely a drama queen, even in death. Also, like, totally modest obviously.

GAWD THIS GUY IS A DRY WRITER. Sheesh. Blah blah blabbity blah duality of man blah.

Also, weaselly much? So the guy knows that it's his own inner immorality that drives his need to do wrong, and yet he figures if he intentionally splits this self off from the restraints of the other, and intentionally takes the medicine to do so occasionally, his hands are washed from any culpability? WTF? o_O

I wonder if back in the day when this was written, what Jekyll does would be seen as more likely, if only the scientists could find the method for it, or if it was as hand-wavy and impossible as it seems today?

Man, the more I read of Jekyll, the less sympathy I have for him. So he could have used his concoction to be wholly good, but doesn't even do it once or twice, as an experiment, or ANYTHING? Nooo, it's always either normal, or wholly evil. Blah.

"And thus his conscience slumbered." No, thus his conscience was totally warped and deficient. Blah.

And then, after Hyde kills a man, he spends a brief time being all so woeful, and then immediately celebrates because hey, now he has a good excuse not to be Hyde anymore! Aaaaugh.

And... that's it! No followup to Utterson returning to Jekyll's house, or anything like that. It's like once we know what happenes, the story is spent, and just curls up or whatever. Yeesh.

And on the note of a comment on the previous entry... now we know generally why Hyde committed suicide - because he was doomed to the gallows anyhow, and figured he could never turn back into Jekyll again. Now that I look back though, I'm a bit surprised still that he did it, given what Jekyll says about his great love of life, and the fact that I'd much see him instead kill those attempting to hold him, or at least fight them, and then fleeing for his life and attempting to start a new life somewhere.

Oh well. I have a feeling much in this story was not carefully thought through!
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