Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Jekyll and Hyde May 19th reading

Oooh, such an ominous chapter title! And I didn't realize we were so close to the end already, yeesh.

I wonder if the comment about his great wonder about the wine being still untasted is meant to hint that the servant classes are typically drunk (when they get the chance) as well as, y'know, the Great Unwashed or whatever. It's completely possible!

And while Utterson is generally sympathetic, he's much less so when the servants are so obviously all scared and huddled and he's just yapping at them about how their master wouldn't be pleased to see them all there together. Although I suppose it's probably still just his own nerves and sense of foreboding making him be snappish. But still, then he even finds the time from his worrying about the mystery to snap at Poole about "oh, and how do you have one of the doctor's messages open, huh? huh?"

I do like how the butler takes the axe, and leaves the poker for the lawyer, though!

I couldn't remember what had happened to Hyde in the end, I mean, I remember him being dead but I couldn't remember HOW, and I didn't see Utterson and Poole as being the murdering type. But that explains it - he conveniently does away with himself.

And we leave at a cliffhanger! Ready for the revealing of the mystery's solution! DundunDUN!

The pitiful last of the schedule.
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