Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Jekyll and Hyde May 12th reading

Well well, so Jeckyll's done with Hyde is he? It only takes a little thing like a murder, apparently, not tiny incidents like a little girl being trampled horribly. Then again, I guess she was only one of the poor classes, not an actually important person like Carew?

Huh. I'd have thought we'd actually get to, y'know, read the letter. But apparently not. And now I have to wonder, was it written just to appease other people, like Utterson, who would be wondering about him? How odd.

And one of the first hints about the nature of Jekyll and Hyde, although I imagine easily missed back in a first reading, back in the day... the matter of the similar handwriting. And "quaint" seems rather a mild word here!


Cabinet as a room as opposed to the more usual piece of furniture these days.

And a cheval glass was apparently a specific type of standing mirror.

Mr. Schedule. (Or is it Dr. Schedule? Is the schedule the sympathetic one, or the evil jerk?)
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