Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson


Alright then, before I delve into other spoilers, thought I'd give my own impressions real quick:

So. Wow! Awesome game, of course. I mean really, what can be said?

Think they toy with your emotions enough? So many surprises turn-arounds, betrayals... okay, maybe I sorta saw Wheatley's turn-around coming when he started talking about how big he was and how impressive hooked up to the new "body" and so on, but still.

I'd forgotten the cool little turrets, and this time we get Wheatley added, and Cave Johnson, and the defective turrets, and... it's all pretty cool! I don't know if there are going to be any really memorable catchphrases like "the cake is a lie" from this one (possibly "You Monster"?), and although it's hard to tell this early, I doubt the ending credits song, cool as it was, has the same oomf as "Still Alive," but really, it's gotta be almost impossible to tame lightning twice, ya know? I'm just damn impressed they pulled off what they did.

Oh, and of course adding new gameplay elements while keeping the old ones and using them in new ways was awesome. The different gels, the bombs, all of it... damn well done, all around! And of course some damn evil puzzles, as always, and I am pretty impressed while I'm at it with those of y'all that sailed through in like one day.

If I had one main criticism, it'd probably be that the game was maybe a little too long - I understand they wanted to give people their money's worth, but it started to feel at times like the humor (especially in the Cave Johnson sections) was being stretched out a bit too much, and really I was starting to feel the burn from even the puzzles after a while, but wanted to find out what happened enough to keep going. But really, I think the series might work better with shorter installments, cheaper, and coming out a little closer together. But that's just me. And it wasn't a huge deal, anyhow.

As it was, I'd still feel like the game was maybe a bit expensive for the length/amount, if it weren't for the co-op stuff which I haven't even touched yet, which I expect to add some serious gametime. Once I find my headset/mic, and figure out who I can play with, anyhow. (I'm on PC, not sure how much that matters.)

Anyhow, short, sweet, non-spoily version: Damn cool game, I'm impressed they didn't let us down with a sequel considering the high expectations, my one main suggestion would be maybe make the games shorter but cheaper (and hopefully more often.)

Now to go see what everyone else says...
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