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Anyone actually reading, instead of playing Portal 2? :p

Another reading, another two shootouts. Sorta three, if you count the part at the start of the reading where the girl shoots when the door is slamming. And yeah, that wasn't very hard to see, was it? Although it was a bit ballsy of Marlowe to yank her ankle while a) she had a gun and b) he was being somewhat-covered by the lawyer.

When he decided that there was no rush in finding the guy, you just KNEW that the other two were going to find him somehow, huh? Well, that and the fact that it wouldn't be as much of a climax without some bad guys.

I gotta feel somewhat bad for "Wallace," since he did do his time and all, but he brought it on himself by keeping the pearls and going all nuts on Marlowe, who it turned out might have been his only hope.

And wow, I really did not expect Marlowe to walk out with the pearls, and a lot of money! According to this site, $25,000 would have the buying power of about $400,000 today, which means that Marlowe netted $200,000 worth out of that. So not enough for him to retire on or anything, but still a very very nice windfall, and more than I'd expect for our seedy noir detective to be allowed to have!

I wonder how much booze that'd buy him...

For next time, "Red Wind" sections 1-3!


(Deleted comment)
Apr. 23rd, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
Well, you are not behind anymore!

And yeah, I had to remind myself at one point "where are they at, again?" Because it sounded so... remote. And then the comment about being as far west as you could go in the continental U.S. threw me, because I was like "wait, they're not in Alaska, right?" And then eventually I remembered "oh right, Alaska wasn't a state yet!"

And I hadn't heard that maxim, but it fits so very very well. Because yes, that does tend to happen so much!