Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Trouble is My Business, April 14th reading

Hrm, aren't the bad guys supposed to be stroking a white Persian? Standards, people!

So now we find out What Was Up with Lou, who it was pretty obvious wasn't being straight with him. One assumes that he wasn't in on the "oh, and you're going to die" part of the scheme. The girl probably was, since it would be hard to imagine Dorr leaving to chance that she'd take the money to Marlowe, and also hard to imagine him instructing Lou to tell her "oh, and if I die, take the money to my friend..." (Okay, this was musing before the reveal at the end and all, so I guess I could maybe buy that she didn't know beforehand. Maybe.)

"the guy that put the bee on that hot rod"... put a bug on a car? Were bugs and listening devices and such in vogue even back then? Otherwise, "bee" makes me think of setting up a sting perhaps? I... ugh, damnit people, just speak English!

Woo, Marlowe's actually not being a total idiot, and is going to the DA's friend with this, to help cover his ass. Yay, for non-author-induced-idiocy on the parts of the characters! Well, in this at least.

Man, did people just not CARE about starting fires with cigarettes back in those days, or something? It's a wonder whole cities didn't burn down more often than they did. (Well, you know, assuming that people actually did this.)

Ah, I shoulda known the cab driver would come back into this. Sorta like the gun over the mantlepiece...

A (single-car, granted) high-speed chase scene, a gunfight, looks like he's kicking the action up in this one! And you can tell it's before the days of TV showing lots of high-energy explosions when bullets hit gas tanks, with all the people using cars as cover and such!

Am I the only one who finds it a bit... I dunno, callow, unprofessional, SOMETHING, for them to be there taking this guy's testimony more or less (including him shooting people) with his wife and small daughter sitting right there? Although at least he's kind enough to not mention the murder and all in front of her.

Of course no tricks. Yeah, right.

So, the bad guys are willing to play around with 20 grand, pay it to Marlowe to go with their plan, etc., but we're supposed to assume they won't kill him if they feel it's necessary just because then they won't get it back? Not sure I buy that, even if 20 grand was a lot more in those days. Then again, maybe he's just saying that as an excuse to not have it with him.

"Had their left elbows in front of their faces"... now there's a nice description for the embarrassed politicians. And I guess some things don't change!

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