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Parasha: Trouble is My Business, April 12th reading

Sorry this is running late, but it's been a long couple days, and it's not getting any shorter today. -_-

Ah, In Media Res this time, I see. Well, sorta.

And man, everyone must have Marlowe's number. Just be totally obvious about dangling "a dame" in front of him, why not? And Marlowe, I can only assume you've got a horrible, cat-like case of curiosity, because you really should know better than to go for this. Or I guess it's that whole pesky friend-loyalty thing, eh?

Ew, and Canales isn't even described as remotely attractive, is he? I guess we know he's someone we're not supposed to sympathize with this way, or something.

You'd also think that Marlowe might take it easy on the hard liquor when he might be having to shoot/fight in a bit, but I guess then the story wouldn't be hard-bitten enough!

Anyone else half expect the cab to blow up as soon as the driver got into it to drive it off? It just seemed like the thing to happen! Maybe it's just me.

And so they went to a place where Canales KNEW where it was? Smart move. Or not. *sigh* Then again if everyone was smart, I guess Marlowe would be out of a job.

At least they apparently had fast mail in those days...

And oh dear oh dear. Phillip does seem to have a lovely ability to get snuck up on, held up, got the drop put on him, etc etc., doesn't he?

The schedule.
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