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Parasha: Trouble is My Business, April 7th reading

Nice of George to do all the thinking work for Marlowe! Although I'm not completely sure why he's suddenly all pissed off.. maybe because Marlowe was kinda foisting things off on him, with his boss? I feel there are subtleties in between all the slang, and "how things are done" at the time, and so forth, that I'm missing.

Speaking of slang, wow, apparently "cop" was more slangy and less known then? Since Jeeter has to ask if by "cop" he means "policeman." How often would you hear that, these days?

Also speaking of slang... "Used to be a dummy-chucker, then found out he could bug his way outa raps." Wow, I think I understood maybe half of the words in that sentence...

I've generally enjoyed the second half of the story more than the first half though, since it's less mood-setting (and since I'm getting used to the style), and it's a lot more mystery-unraveling, revealing of the backstabbing, and so on. Pretty tricky!
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