Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Trouble is My Business, April 5th reading

Wow. Can we say "product of its time"? In a lot of ways reading this is like peering in on a totally alien world. I don't even understand half of what they say!

It's also really weird to read because this style has been parodied to hell and back, and stepping back in time and reading this, the originator, in all seriousness is just... weird! I feel like I'm waiting for the punchline, and it never comes.

And I don't think it's necessary to mention that it's really weird to read a book throwing around terms like "frail" and "Negro" and just taking it in stride. Especially when he seems to be respecting the people as, well, normal folks, or competent adversaries. It's just, like, so matter of fact!

And is anyone in the story so far likable? Okay, maybe George. But that's about it! Marlowe seems to be trying to put the "dick" in "private dick," his client is a rich snob, everyone else is sneering and just... yah! If this is what life was like in the thirties, I'm glad I didn't live back then!

As another note, I wonder if the lavish use of alcohol is a reaction to Prohibition, which ended a year before this book was first copyrighted.

Anyhow, this is actually my first exposure that I can think of to Marlowe (or my first time actually directly reading Chandler, to put it more correctly), so I'm still in the "finding my feet" stage, and getting used to the style. Anyone else has anything to add, feel free!

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