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Parasha: Good Omens - overall discussion

I... honestly don't really know what to say here! Which is one reason I've been slow about posting it.

I mean the book is... awesome, and funny, but trying to pick that apart just leaves you with... stuff.

If anyone does have anything to bring up, please do! I'm more than willing to discuss, but my brain is deciding to go flat on me when it comes to directing the conversation. :p


Apr. 7th, 2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
Re-reading it was a lot of fun -- thank you! I now get the joke (or at least understand) a few things I'd just glossed over in the past as mysterious.

Thing I got this time: all the Japanese place & boat names are sushi.

Thing which made it seem more dated than anything else: cassette tapes. But how would you update that? We all know that iPods don't turn into the Best of Queen if ignored for too long.