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Update, and meme.

Just a very brief word of update: I'm still alive, anyhow. ^^;; Tired though. Been taking care of both parents - was getting up to make sure my mom got breakfast and lunch, but my father's leg's just healed enough that today I started sleeping in again, after making sure that I told him emphatically to get me up if he wasn't going to be able to make it downstairs. I hope he's learned his lesson. -_-

Been playing FFXI a bit the past few days, mostly doing Chains of Promathia stuff with the static party I'm in for it. For those who know anything about the game, we finished up the "One to be Feared" mission last night, which I'm quite proud about. It means that we have 3 NM fights and one more BC until we get access to "Sea" aka Al'Ta... er... however you spell it. (Yes, I realize this means absolutely nothing to those who don't play the game, sorry.) I've also been going back to play a bit of Vagrant Story - mostly for Sidney, honestly. ;) Thinking about quitting that for Breath of Fire 3 though, since I'd only started that game but never finished it, while I have at least finished Vagrant Story before. Also been playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones a bit on Nintendo DS, (it's a GBA game really though), but it's kinda a pain because I won't finish a chapter if I lose any characters, since that means you can't use them at all again, ever. Grr. Finished up Jade Empire recently as well... man, I didn't expect where that was going to go. ><

Oh, and as I mentioned: memeage!

You Are The Outlaw
"Sure, I'll do it. My way."

Just because you do not conform to the same laws and rules as everyone else does not mean that you are a bad guy. You travel your own path, separate from those around you, with your own reasons for doing what you do. Because of this and your own nature, it goes without saying that you are generally misunderstood. That does not matter much, though, as people love you for being who you are. You are pretty well set in your ways and have no real intention of changing. This can come across as a flicker of arrogance if your not careful. You do what is right for you, and God help anyone who stands in your way.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
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