Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Good Omens, March 30th reading

The last bit!

Sorry this is running late, I couldn't connect to LJ earlier. Stupid internets.

So apparently the telemarketers that died horribly got resurrected, as well. damnwell, good.

I always find it vaguely depressing when there are Big Happenings in a story, and then people miraculously can't remember it. Stupid Jedi mind tricks.

I wonder if the "Mrs. Pulsifer" thing is hinting that the two will get married, or just a matter of someone from that time period assuming that people sleeping together/cohabitating would be married.

I've noticed that Gaiman and Pratchett are pretty good at working things in "between the gutters" to use phraseology from Understanding Comics, even when there are no gutters available! Just an observation brought on by little things like Newt cutting himself, and us realizing this without ever being told "he was so surprised that his hand slipped and he sliced himself with the knife." Anyhow, sometimes you make your own gutters.

Hrm... I just realized, while I know the Great Depression was in the 20's... how far did this extend? Was the UK also greatly affected? Because by the implications here, it was. (The mention of threatening to sack anyone who opened the box, which was "a dire threat" at the time.)

I wonder what a snatch-pastry is as well, although I could somewhat guess...

It's nice to know that Crowley and Aziraphale got off relatively unharmed. Although do I really need to say that? In some ways it all seems a little TOO neatly wrapped up, but then, I guess you have to expect that with a boy Antichrist putting everything back to rights.

I do find it a bit hard to believe that after her entire life (and generations in fact) of living with a book of prophecy to go by, Anathema would just burn her safety net, just like that! But I guess you never know.

Anyhow, I shall try to make sure I do a wrapping-things-up post before we start on the next book, so in a day or two. Maybe include chatter about the each-on-each-other author sections at the end, or something. But for now, I'd better just get this posted!
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