Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Trouble is My Business schedule (tentative)

Alright, this is the proposed schedule for April, via desdenova. If there are any problems with it, or even just you'd rather do it another way, speak up!

Tuesday, April 5th: Trouble is My Business, Sections 1-4
Thursday, April 7th: Trouble is My Business, Sections 5-8
Tuesday, April 12th: Finger Man, Sections 1-6
Thursday, April 14th: Finger Man, Sections 7-11
Tuesday, April 19th: Goldfish, Sections 1-7
Thursday, April 21st: Goldfish, Sections 8-12
Tuesday, April 26th: Red Wind, Sections 1-3
Thursday, April 28th: Red Wind, Sections 4-6

I am told that this will be around 25-30 pages each day, around the same as Good Omens but only twice a week instead of three times. If this is too much we can also break it down into three chunks a week, it's up to everyone.

Anyhow, how's it look?
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_chandler
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