Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Good Omens, March 28th reading

Almost done! And today we have most of the actual rest of the goings on. So let's get on with the goings on, shall we? Go on!

I think I'd like a "Boys Own Book of 101 Things To Do." It sounds fun! Even though I'm not young or male enough to qualify technically.

I just realized that at some point it went from being coy about the Horsemen's names to actually using the proper ones, but I'm not sure when. o_O I am... not exactly Miss Observant, I guess!

I like the subtle hint that angels and demons aren't that far apart, really. That it would take someone observing closely after lots of training to tell the difference. Which makes sense, but I'm sure isn't the type of thing devout Christians would tend to like to hear/think of.

So yes, in a way the showdown between Them and the other Them is a bit anticlimactic, since Adam's already decided which way he's going, and he seems to be In Charge. But at least it wraps things up neatly. Well, until they immediately get unwrapped again. Slightly. Then wrapped up again. And unwrapped. And quickly rewrapped. It's kinda like one of those songs that has the false endings and then starts up again until you're finally just like "yes yes. Next song!" Although not that lame.

I kinda like how Newt "fixes" the machines. Especially since he reminds me somewhat of my own electronic/technical "abilities." Machines hate me, I swear. I love them, but they loathe me.

... I see Pepper has the same idea about "Metatron" that I do.

Aaah, and finally the punchline to the Dick Turpin joke. Yeesh.

And I'm glad that the deliveryman is apparently alive again. Even if it's just a small thing.

Anyhow, no need for a schedule, since next time ends the book with the "Sunday" section. See you then!
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