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Parasha: Good Omens, March 25th reading

I feel almost... guilty, for sharing a bit of a giggle with Madame Tracy when Shadwell has to adjust his weapon. Hem hem.

And that would be the problem with accurate prophecies... Anathema is pretty much paralyzed by the thought of doing anything of her own volition, without consulting the cards first. It's a bit surprising she doesn't use the book or note cards to select what she wants to eat each day. Blah.

I wonder if the bit about the Antichrist being good with computers is just random, or some actual theory someone espoused at some point?

You know... I just now this time realized that the Them correspond to the horsemen of the Apocalypse. You've got Adam/Death, the undisputed leader. Pepper/War, the red-head (I think Pepper's got red hair, doesn't she?) who's combative. Wesleydale with his black bike (and black hair I believe?), and Sable with his black everything, who's sort of... matter-of-fact and cuts to the heart of things. And Brian with his white bike that is too splattered to tell what it is, and air of general grubbiness, and Pes... er... Pollution with the same motif going on. And I don't know if I should be happy I noticed that, or embarrassed that it didn't jump out at me on the first read-through, or second. Or maybe I did, then forgot it. Yes. (And then I got to the bit about the Them needing scales and things, and I suppose it actually gets a bit spelled out, doesn't it? So apparently my memory is really shoddy!)

I definitely get the feeling, through this book and various Discworld bits, that Pratchett doesn't think much about people that write in to newspapers!

Huh. So Pollution says he was at Megiddo before it fell down, yet also implies that he took over for the old Pestilence fairly recently. I guess this is one of those parts where Gaiman shines through, and you get the same sense that you do from the Endless, that one "aspect" can die, be replaced, whatever, but in some senses it's still the same being.

And okay, maybe the only real conflict wasn't earlier in the chalk pit - I still think that's the main one, Adam Young deciding if he's going to basically fry the world or not, but there is at least some conflict left with the Horsemen still running around causing problems.

The last little bit of the schedule.
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