Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Good Omens, March 21st reading

Not being a big dancer, seeing reference to the gavotte instead makes me think of a garrotte, which is an entirely different image than I suppose we're supposed to get, there.

Hrm, I wonder why "Pigbog" in particular?

And now I'm also imagining Gideon Emery wandering around various hotel rooms, bringing a Bible to each, and absentmindedly leaving it behind. I think my imagination is bored.

Also, playing trivia for money would totally be my gig. Sorta like Jeopardy, only hopefully less of an inferiority complex. And less chance to make yourself look like a total idiot in front of millions.

And yes, there's the explanation for Pestilence/Pollution, which I'd forgotten about. Whee!

I also got to thinking: in a way, the only real, major conflict takes place in the Pit, with Adam Young and the Them, as he basically decides whether or not to destroy the world. Anything else is just garnish, of greater or lesser importance. And yet we only touch in on it here and there...

The sad thing about the comment on Marvin's success rate (on healing via TV) is that it's probably true: some people probably WOULD get better, just thinking they should.

It is a bit different to make an evangelist that actually does (we are told) believe, and think he's doing good, though!

"Nukyeler missles"... *shudder*

What IS it with the rancid yak butter in tea, anyhow?

The Riders are surprisingly civil for harbingers of the apocalypse and all! I mean, being all chatty with the (other) Hells Angels, letting them tag along, etc.? Although to be really kind, they'd have thought of some better names for them.

The remainder of the schedule.
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