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Parasha: Good Omens, March 14th reading

Oof, almost forgot about this today! Then again, I've not only got Dragon Age 2 to play, but also just got the newest Mercy Thompson and October Daye books today. It's a small miracle I'm even emerging from my room!

Anyhow. What does it say about our country/world that I'm a bit surprised that the whole Newtrition thing isn't real? Then again, maybe the science! just hasn't allowed it, yet.

Hah, and of course we remember the comment earlier about how only one of various strange scenarios was true...

Ah, the Fortean Times. I vaguely remember the comic shop I used to work at getting in a copy of that, once... from what I can recall, it'd give the New Aquarian a run for its money.

I really like the random "TM"s thrown in when talking about no-totally-not-Star-Wars-at-all-really. *ahem*

And finally we meet the Witchfinder Army, which is a lot later in the book than I remembered. And really that's the main thing that actually *happens* in this section, which I also hadn't realized, because the book is good at picking you up and just carrying you along. But if you think about it, most of "Friday" is a holding pattern, where we learn more about the Them, but in general things don't *happen*. Not that I'm complaining, it's just odd that I never noticed how non-actiony this bit is.

"'Nipples, laddie, nipples,' said the voice testily." - I have to wonder if this is a sort of convoluted Tom Swifty, especially knowing that Pratchett is involved...

Anyway. Any thoughts? Let's have 'em!

And...scheduly scheduleness!
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