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Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Good Omens, March 7th reading

I do have to wonder about angels and demons being so relentlessly out-of-touch... I mean I can understand it somewhat from humans, who tend to cling to their childhood, or just don't bother to learn as much new after a certain age. But angelic beings, to whom velocipedes and suchlike are just as far removed from their creation pretty much as cars and cell phones? Or who don't have childhoods to cling to, or stages of life, or what have you?

But I suspect I'm overthinking this!

I never had a place like the Pit when I was a kid. *pout* At least we did get to roam at large around the (small) neighborhood area at night, but still. I feel like I missed something...

And we get our first glimpse of Adam, the Antichrist. *dun dun dunnnnnn*

One of the few downsides to this novel that I notice, especially when putting it under the magnifying glass, is that it does tend to go into lecture-mode here and there. Especially with the whole good vs. evil vs. humanity thing, although most of the time it's not that intrusive. And I guess that is one of the points of the book, so it's hard to do without it... I guess I'm just saying it can be a bit heavyhanded in specks for my taste. Or maybe I'd like a little more of "show, not tell," as much as I do love the prose these two can come up with.

Also: I wonder where that little semi-random bit about heaven having the best choreographers in the middle of two separate scenes came from! (I also wonder what it's supposed to mean - I mean, are there any particular choreographers they were thinking of? Is there something I'm missing?)

Still getting a lot of Britishisms here and there, like Bovril. Which I generally like because they add to the flavor, er, flavour, but they can make things a bit confusing here and there.

And hah, I am somewhat amused by the fact that the annotations mention The Name of the Rose in talking about compline, since that's what I also think of when I hear those hourly names.

(I'd be tempted to nominate that book for Parasha as well, except it's Way. Too. Damn. Long.)

And a nice little stopping point, after Our Heroes (or anti-heroes, or just schmucks) just get shot...


According to Wiki Pete, a velocipede is basically a wheeled machine powered by a person. So a bicycle, and other such things. Which makes this a nice subtle touch to help show/remind us just how out-of-touch Aziraphale is.

Also: Bovril, which I assumed had something to do with milk, but apparently not exactly...

That should do it for this time, feel free to bring up anything I missed! Here's the schedule for anyone who needs it!
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