Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Good Omens, March 4th reading

As was pointed out in the last comments, this site has annotations for the book, if anyone wants to use them. I'll just leave that, rather than include any extra notes about those things it talks about. I don't want to just point at the annotations for all discussion though, obviously! But it should be helpful for a supplement.

Anyhow. So see that for a note on the Wicked Bible and other such note, an idea which tickles me, especially since it's true. It also kinda helps to put a bullet in the head of the "it's the word of God!" arguments. Well, at least a splinter in their thumb.

And man, this is one reason I've never studied much theology. Because it *does* get into these tangles of "well, if it's all part of the divine plan..." and so on.

As a side note, I'd always seen the last Horseman as Pestilence, not Pollution, so I'm wondering if "Pollution" is also a popular (for lack of a better term) alternative in some places.

And at least Crowley has good taste in some things - I always rather enjoyed the Golden Girls myself. :p (And looking at the annotations, it appears that in the British version this was Cheers, which I never really watched. Huh.)

Still not too much to say on a more, uh, meta note. I mean, we're still getting our (spy vs. spy bread-eating) ducks in a row, meeting the cast, and so on. And it's been amusing and smart, but there doesn't seem like much specific to say, just a general "it's witty!"

And here is the schedule again, if anyone needs the link.
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