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Parasha: Good Omens schedule

Blargh, after postponing it a month already, then I still almost forget to post a schedule!

... And bloody hell, not even a table of contents? Or proper chapters? *sigh* As I've done before, I'll post the starting and ending lines (or fragments thereof, or main section titles) then for each section.

Anyhow, as you can see, this is going to be a tight month! Sorry about the delay in posting, since we start in two days! We'll see how this goes...

Edit: Yargh, and then I still screw up on the dates! Fixed. *sigh*

Wednesday, March 2nd: Eleven Years Ago - "In his world, table reservations were things that happened to other people."
Friday, March 4th: "Aziraphale collected books" - end of Eleven Years Ago section
Monday, March 7th: Wednesday - "With incredible accuracy"
Wednesday, March 9th: "If there was one thing that Mary Hodges..." - end of Wednesday section
Friday, March 11th: Thursday section
Monday, March 14th: Friday section
Wednesday, March 16th: Saturday - "seeing the way those old loonies are messing it up..."
Friday, March 18th: "'It's memory, you see'..." - "In a tiny fraction of a second, Hastur was gone as well."
Monday, March 21st: "Over the years, a huge number..." - "...traveled with them."
Wednesday, March 23rd: "It was a wet and blustery Saturday afternoon..." - "He hadn't felt like this since the fourteenth century."
Friday, March 25th: "The atmosphere in the quarry..." - "'here comes transport.'"
Monday, March 28th: "They parked their bikes..." - end of Saturday section
Wednesday, March 30th: Sunday section

Any suggestions/problems/whatever?
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