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Man, the book seems so small after this point, I was wondering if this was the last reading, but no. The chapters just seem to be getting shorter.

Really, there's not that much to say. I mean, at this point Baum almost seems to be phoning it in. Well, okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but we've already gotten past the major problems of the book, been off to see the Wizard and he's already gone from the entire country, and so at this point we're just kinda seeing more of the weird countryside. And the one bit of actual danger that could pop up at this point is taken care of in its sleep (!) by the Lion in about like one page. I mean, yawn. But at least he's got a little kingdom of his own now too! (Which really makes me figure the Tin Woodman will go back to rule the Winkies or Twinkies or Twaddles or whatever the hell was in the West, I forget at this point.)

I do wonder if there's anything in his having the lion smash a church particularly, or if it was just because little china churches were a popular knick-knack.


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Jan. 24th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
Well, I'd like the travels around weird countryside aspect more as well, if it weren't feeling like just a quick afterthought, while he's trying to wrap things up or whatever.

And yeah, I was thinking of commenting on that... "way to be all courageous there, attack the thing and kill it in its sleep!" But on the other hand he apparently wasn't *counting* on finding it asleep, and actively waking it up before attacking would have been a) chivalrous and b) courageous but also c) really stupid. So I guess I'll give him a pass on that. Tentatively.

As for the doll-country, I dunno, I didn't really think it really more creepy than some of the other lands, people, etc. in Oz. I mean, they can move around and all so one imagines their expressions also aren't frozen or whatever. The mending them when they break is a bit weird, but not really more so than putting the Scarecrow or Tinman back together.

It'd suck to have to travel in that country though! I'm a klutz, and I KNOW I'd break half the country before I got out of it.