Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Wizard of Oz, January 21st reading

I'm realizing more that in this version, the whole Witch of the West confrontation is more just one more obstacle (albeit a slightly larger one), rather than THE big ol' climax and show-down of the book, as it is in the movie. I mean, we've already had a big ol' getting the friends back/getting back to the Emerald City section, we had a fairly big chunk taken up with unmasking the Wizard and having the friends get what they wanted (and I wonder if that's supposed to be, ah, "liquid courage" that the Lion drinks? I'm assuming yes, since it's not otherwise named!), and now we're going to have an extra journey to the south!

It's also interesting that the only place Dorothy isn't visiting physically is the North. She started out in the East, traveled to the center (the Emerald City), went to the West to kill the second wicked witch, went back, and is now going south.

And man, I let the movie influence me, I didn't even realize that the witch of the north here hadn't introduced herself as Glinda! So now I wonder if the "sweet" little old lady that Dorothy met at first was the creepy "good" ruler mentioned in the story of the Winged Monkeys!

And nice crack about the stuffed man as a ruler concept. :p It's interesting to see the Scarecrow being set up as ruler though (even if he then just turns around and goes off with Dorothy again, at least he's loyal to his friends though!), and I wonder if then the Tinman will end up going back to rule the Winkies, as they requested...? I guess we'll see!
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_wizard_of_oz
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