Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Wizard of Oz, January 19th reading

Wow, look at Dorothy getting all her leadership groove on! Go Dorothy, go! Although you'd think she could have had the Winkies gathering the Scarecrow while some of them worked on the Tin Woodman, yes? But that wouldn't make for a linear narrative I guess!

And here we definitely veer away from the movie version, as Dorothy ends up with the Winged Monkeys and alladat.

(Also: whistle? Where did that come from? Also also, I thought the mice would show up for something more important than to say "oh, okay, y'know that cap you're wearing? It has a charm on it! Laters!")

Is anyone else seriously seriously creeped out about the story between Gayelette and Quelala? I mean, seriously? And if these are Oz's "good witches" then I'm really worried about the wicked ones! (And yes, the book IS ripe for subversive retellings!)

And I couldn't remember how closely the book mirrored the movie with the unmasking of Oz and all, but yeah, looks like he's still a big con. Except that apparently the Emerald City really *is* full of beautiful gems and such, but he just likes green or something? Uh... okay.

Anyhow, looks like things are winding up, but slower than I'd have expected! Definitely at a more leisurely pace than the movie, after the melting incident.

Chapters 16-18 for Friday!
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_wizard_of_oz
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