Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Sandman, wrap-up

Right, so I was reminded by a booklog just now that I haven't yet done the wrap-up for this!

So. Sandman! Hopefully anyone who hasn't read this series before enjoyed the introduction.

I'd forgotten how separate this beginning is from the series as a whole in some ways - most of the series is more steeped in its own mythos, and works at blending various myths and stories and making a new and beautiful whole cloth out of the bits and pieces - or at least, that's how I see it. This first arc though is still bogged down not only with introducing concepts, but in anchoring everything within the DC Universe of the time, which became less important as the series shifted over to Vertigo and carved out its own niche, anyhow.

All that aside, I think the work works as a cohesive whole, with a pretty good standard of quality throughout. That being said though there are two issues that stand out even more - 24 Hours just for the horror and impact, and The Sound of Her Wings just as.. well, something beautiful and enjoyable.

At any rate, I'd definitely suggest continuing on with the series, for anyone to whom this was new, since it only gets better overall. But that's me.

(I also frankly enjoy reading a graphic novel for Parasha once in a while that has something as a theme other than the fact that Humanity is Fucked Up, in some permutation or the other.)

Any other thoughts?
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_sandman
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