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So. I just got back home maybe an hour ago - today was my (sigh... must I give the year? fine.) tenth year high school class reunion. I stayed for around three hours, and for any more of the people to show up I probably would have had to stay another two hours since by that point everyone showing up for the food was there, while everyone showing up for the "drinking allowed" portion of the reunion wouldn't be there until later, so I went ahead and headed home. Since I'm not really much of a social-type person, anyhow. But at least I did get to see a couple people that I'd lost touch with, and was glad to see again.

Although it's kinda weird really - so many of the classmates that I saw there were not only married, but had one or two or even more kids now. And some of the kids were getting to the point where they're almost as tall as the adults. I'm feeling OLD!

Of course, while going to the reunion wasn't bad, I in my own way had built it up to be worse before I made it there - I'm the type of person who very much tends to Dwell. I Dwell on things that I've done wrong, and I esepcially Dwell on things that are coming up within, oh, the next couple months or so that have me at all off-balance. Which for the record is one of the reasons that it's so rare to actually get me to a social, or convention, or what have you - because it's not just going away for a weekend or so, it's also an entire month or two of nerves leading up to the event.

But, well, it's over and done with now. There are some other people that I would have liked to see and that either weren't there yet when I was there, or that just decided not to attend. But oh well - I've at least got some contact info for some people now, so maybe I'll even get hold of those other people now at some point, too.

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