Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Also, wtf brain?

Why does my sleeping brain insist that I'm totally on drugs or something?

Last night's dreams included me being back in school (which is stretching it a bit as it is), and being slighted by some teachers or something, and my father got all pissy about it and was building various bombs to send to them and blow them up. o_O I remember going out to walk the dog just in case he made a mistake in the process and accidentally blew us up.

Other snippets from last night's dreams included some guys in the old west playing poker or some various other gambling type card game - one of the players was a really mean bastard, and crazy, and would basically kill just about anyone for the hell of it. And one of the guys was basically a good-hearted guy that was trying to beat him, since this would (for whatever dream-logic reason) give him the chance to kill the guy and keep him from basically slaughtering anyone else. And if he lost, it might give the guy the chance to do the same to him. Or something. So he was subtly cheating to give himself better odds, and the other guys playing were helping him along, because they were also scared of the psycho guy and wanted to see him go down.

Oh, and also some scenes at a train station, where I (or some character that I was seeing through their eyes) was going around to the various windows, trying to figure out when/how to buy tickets for the next train... somewhere. Wherever. And there was some disturbance while some kid was lost, possibly drowned in the nearby river, and people were panicking and trying to find him/her.
Tags: dreams
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