Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Sandman, December 27th reading

Not going to bother with a separate spoiler post since this is the last section.

When I think of this particular collection, this is the chapter that usually stands out in my mind, despite the fact that it's "just" a denoument. And despite the... horrific and memorable nature of "24 Hours." Because just... damn.

I don't even know if I can really put my finger on it. The image of Death as a perky-goth gal for one thing is just.. different. And I'd pretty much already seen Gaiman's concept of Death before ever reading this, and I imagine most of the rest of y'all did as well, but thinking about it... I don't think they even mentioned her gender before, and it also looks like her identity (other than as a sister) is mentioned until after she takes her first soul, so I imagine that would add even more to the "whoah" factor, as the reader slowly realizes that this... this is Death. The Reaper. The End. Yadda.

Anyhow, how can you NOT love a death that quotes Mary Poppins at the drop of a hat, and gabbles on about Dick Van Dyke's accent, grabs Dream's bread and bops him on the head with it, etc.? Not to mention the image of this powerful Dream, one of the elder of the Endless, sitting miserably on a bench quietly saying "Just feeding the birds..." And of course the very last image of him we have in this book, scattering the grain happily for the pigeons.

And that's beyond just the... touching quality of the rest of the chapter, with Death taking the various souls, old and very young, just doing her job, although not without compassion. The thought voiced by Dream that he's far more terrible than his sister, and that people shouldn't fear her so.

One last comment about the rest of the series, in ROT-13 for spoilers: V qb frrz gb erpnyy gubhtu gung gur Raqyrff nera'g rknpgyl jnagvat gb qvr rvgure, naq qb gurve orfg gb nibvq vg, qrfcvgr gur gnyx urer sbe ubj Qernz vf sne zber greevoyr guna Qrngu, rgp rgp. Naq rira Qrngu frrzf fnqqrarq gung fur unf gb gnxr Qernz va gur raq, sebz jung V erzrzore. Ohg V thrff ng yrnfg ur'f abg *nsenvq* bs ure, be ubyqvat vg ntnvafg ure.

Anyhow. That does it for this book, except for a final round-up post, and I hope everyone's enjoyed this month's selection!
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