Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Sandman, December 22nd reading

Yeep, running late again!

I guess this issue is technically the climax of the story arc, but it seems a bit pale compared to the previous issue!

Man, trying to reason kindly with the madman who just killed a diner full of patrons for the hell of it? You're really not completely "with it," are you Dream? Then again, I guess when you're used to dealing with oh, the demons of hell and Lucifer himself and suchlike, paltry little mass murderers lose a bit of their oomph.

A few interesting touches here and there - the Raven Lady that Lucien mentioned getting named, the monsters hiding under the bed (but out of fear rather than lurking there to scare/eat children, which is a nice twist). Our first sight of Destiny. And of course the nice little Wizard of Oz touch. Although Dee makes an awful Dorothy.

That was rather stupid of John Dee to crush the jewel like that. And I'm a bit saddened that Dream doesn't actually *do* anything, except stand around allowing Dee to suck the life out of him. As the master of the Dreamworld, you'd think he could do *something* to attack Dee. Oh well. Like I said, a bit pale compared to the previous issue!


Not much! The "Mr. Dent" mentioned in passing by Crane would be Harvey Dent of course, AKA two-face.
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